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Galaxy iPen (Premier Precision Pen)

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The Galaxy iPen ONYX
The GALAXY iPen ONYX is our new, smaller digital machine. It's advanced and powerful. It has a microprocessor controller and a digital LED display. It has preset buttons to automatically configure the machine for BROWS, EYES, LIPS or MEDICAL procedures.

Sterilization & Sanitation:
It uses a fully assembled needle cartridge that clicks into place with a twist that prevents cross-contamination and makes changing needles and clean-up a snap! Health Departments appreciate this machine?s sanitary design features.

Sleek and Sophisticated
The Galaxy iPen ONYX also has a very sleek, professional, medical look that fits into in the most elegant spa setting or upscale physician's clinic.

Save Time and Money
Technicians tell us that they get great looking procedures in record time because the machine is so smooth and powerful. It's similar to digital machines that cost thousands but you can own the Galaxy iPen ONYX for an incredibly low price!