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The Importance of Apprenticeship in Permanent Makeup Careers

Jun 19th 2018

In careers and skills that are highly hands-on and technical, it’s important for learning to go beyond the classroom. Permanent makeup is no exception. Reading correct procedures from a book will only get you so far - there’s a point where you must be able to get invaluable experience from watching professionals, helping them, and trying it out yourself. Becoming an apprentice fulfills this need, as it is a form of training that is largely on-the-job and practical. Apprenticeship in permanent makeup careers is particularly important - here’s why.


You learn from working professionals.

Current leaders in the industry will be the ones by your side the entire way. From initially introducing you to the practice to then giving you continual feedback as your progress, competent instructors will teach you the fundamentals of mastering permanent makeup.

You receive constant support.

After your initial accelerated training courses, it is recommended to work a minimum of 100 hours of practice before starting your professional career. During this time, ongoing support from certified instructor technicians will be available to you. This allows you to develop your skills as you practice in the convenience of your home or studio.

At Permanent Choices, we offer apprenticeship in permanent makeup. We provide training for the following practices: microblading, scalp pigmentation, eyelash extensions, areola reconstruction, and more. To speak with an expert about enrolling, call us today.