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Permanent Makeup Trends: Do You Know About These Latest Crazes?

Nov 29th 2018

There’s no doubt that tattooed makeup has become a high-demand service in the beauty industry. From microblading to eye and lip liner, tattooed cosmetics are a long-lasting method to your aesthetic goals. But, would you try these two up and coming permanent makeup trends? Read on to see what these latest crazes are all about!

Bye-bye Stretch Marks

More and more men and women have been utilizing permanent makeup to help cover their stretch marks. So, how does this procedure work? Your makeup artist will match the ink to your natural shade of skin and then tattoo over each stretch mark to camouflage them. The result is soft, smooth-looking skin!

A Sprinkling of Freckles

Yes, you read right. This bespeckled look is one of the hottest trends right now. And women without freckles have been clamoring to have them tattooed onto their face. Get as few or as many as you like across your nose and cheeks!

Permanent Makeup Trends: Expert Training

Permanent makeup provides both women and men the opportunity to attain the look they desire. So, if you’re looking to add this skill set to your cosmetology toolkit, get the best in training and instruction at Permanent Choices. Visit us online today to register!