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Permanent Makeup for an Active Lifestyle

May 29th 2018

When running from the parking meter, yoga mat in hand, trying to slip through the door before the instructor begins class, it’s hard to find time to take off an entire face of makeup. (Even with the cooling, fancy makeup remover wipes in the side pocket of your gym bag.) Maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle, in the past, came with the sacrifice of maintaining a cohesive makeup routine that lasts through the day. You either A) give up on makeup or B) redo it a million times. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore, though, thanks to permanent makeup.

It’s convenient.

Even if you slept through the 9 AM barre class at your local fitness studio, it’s cool. You’ve still got a full day of hauling kids around, answering phone calls, and desperately picking up a gallon of milk before the one in your fridge expires. We get it - days can be seriously hectic. Did you hear about this new trend that will save you an hour a day, though? It’s us. It’s permanent makeup.

It doesn’t smudge.

One of the biggest complaints about traditional makeup, and one of the dividers between what products are “good” and “bad,” is the likeliness of smudging. Even if you pay $65 for that mascara, there’s a chance that a super sweaty HIIT class will take it right off. Permanent makeup doesn’t smudge. Because it’s permanent. It literally can’t smudge. Don’t believe us? Try wearing permanent makeup through a 90-degree yoga sculpt class and rub it after.

Hint: it won’t budge.

If you want to know more about how permanent makeup can support your active lifestyle, get in touch with us.