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Ombre Eyebrows: The Newest Permanent Makeup Trend

Nov 9th 2018

The eyebrows are arguably one of the primary focal points of makeup trends today. However, those with naturally sparse brows or patches from overplucking can find it difficult to get the look they want. Recently, they've been turning to a new solution: ombre eyebrows.

So, What Are Ombre Eyebrows?

This semi-permanent makeup treatment uses two different colors (one lighter and one darker) to create a more natural look on brows. As such, it has become the preferred look as opposed to those that apply a single, solid color. This technique starts lighter at the beginning of the brow and gradually becomes darker at the end. The final result? Beautiful, natural-looking eyebrows!

Our Ombre Eyebrow Class

Our permanent makeup school offers a 5-day in-depth course on Ombre eyebrows and covers topics such as shapes, color theory and correction, infection control, client communication, and even business marketing. Once complete, you’ll have all the skills and resources you need to add this stylish technique to your permanent makeup skillset.

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