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Learning Microblading Offers Freedom and Flexibility in Career Choice

Sep 14th 2018

Learning microblading has fewer requirements than cosmetology.

Since learning microblading is a specific and niche branch of both cosmetology and tattooing, fewer requirements are needed to work professionally. Once you complete training and apprenticeship, you can quickly set up your practice and start making money!

And a high hourly earning potential.

Hourly rates vary depending on where you choose to take your practice, but learning microblading can offer a pretty high salary. Narrowing in on a niche like working for a doctor or opening your own clinic will only increase this number as well.

And a flexible schedule.

You can be your own boss. Not many careers offer this opportunity. Through microblading, you can create a flexible schedule. This is perfect for working moms, those in grad school, and anybody else looking to have a flexible work schedule.

And diverse career opportunities.

Those learning microblading have the chance to work in a salon or spa or go a more unconventional route. This can include working for a doctor like a plastic surgeon or dermatologist. For those with business aspirations, you can even open your own clinic!

Need we say more?

At Permanent Choices, we know how beneficial learning microblading can be. That’s why we offer comprehensive courses that cover the ins and outs of this special skill. In addition, we also offer apprenticeships where you can learn and practice on the job!