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Permanent Makeup for an Active Lifestyle

May 29th 2018

When running from the parking meter, yoga mat in hand, trying to slip through the door before the instructor begins class, it’s hard to find time to take off an entire face of makeup. (Even with the c … read more

What Is Microblading?

May 2nd 2018

A new method for achieving the perfect brows has turned the beauty world upside down. According to, “Microblading is a [type of] tattoo that creates hairlike strokes to fill in spar … read more

Perfect Eyebrows that Last

May 2nd 2018

When it comes to makeup, eyebrows can either make or break a face. Nowadays, women seek the best methods to the perfect eyebrows. Filling in sparse eyebrows is a long-time go to but what happens if so … read more

Permanent Makeup at a Glance

May 2nd 2018

The trend of permanent makeup is taking the beauty industry by storm and we don’t believe it’s going to slow down anytime soon. Although it may be known as permanent makeup, the application is technic … read more